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Home Organizing

As home organizing company West Log East provide services of  tidying up spaces inspired by Japanese methodes . We handle laundry, folding, ironing and will transform spaces to be clutter free for you as a way of living.  You can count on us to turn your space feeling home for you or for the one you are hosting.


Defaulter your clothes by category. Empty and clean your closets, Hang delicate/fancy/sturdy. Using folding method and fit it all to your own needs.

Invest in clean containers and a laborer. Make use of household items to leave you open space and maximize your storage surfaces.


Decalogue, leave a free counter. Maximize your storage using drawer dividers, have candy for each family member, use a laundry bin. Use clear acrylic containers.


Orgenized your kids playrooms will be bycategorizing toys, fit with the kids ages and needs, using mostly with existing storage.

Kitchens & Pantries

Moving Services

We will pack all the contents of the house and organize it according to future use logic sort all your belongings into categories, Handle distribution of donations, discards, sell. Handle utilities connections, cables etc.

Meet with movers and coordinate estimates, Oversee movers packing, loading and unloading. Arrange cleaning crews if necessary. Shop for proper containers and organizing products.

Unpack all the boxes in the new house, folding, organizing and arranging all clothes, books, Kitchen utensils and everything in the house, fold and throw away all the cartons, paper, nylon, packaging and boxes.

Storage Services

In the process of arranging the apartment/home/office we will discover many objects that are not essential for daily use where we live or work. But these are still the objects we want to keep for future use or  memory.

For this purpose, short or long term storage services are provided by O&Prime Storage LLC, depending on the type of object and the nature of the use.

Office Services

West Log East focuses on the transition and organization while the business owner is free to deal with everyday job. We will plan an office set up space planning, paper management, de cluttering .

A well-planned, well-organized office offers convenience, comfort and that professional image that drives us to succeed, control, save time and relaxation.

Our goal is to create a comfortable space that allows you maximum efficiency and minimum stress. We provide professional office organizing services.

We will customize system to keep you organized by learning your needs.

Home Staging

 A way to maximize the rate of your home is by Home staging. Our home staging services can help you prepare your home for sale using items you already own. We re- arrange your home to be stylish and it can usually be accomplished in a day and without having to purchase anything.

 We will help you make a good impression on the first time to the buyers by declutter, organizing and will make a home staging plan before listing.


Boston , MA 


USA 617-4156348

ISRAEL 972-544704144

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